Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the MUD 101 Class run?

When you join our class, you'll get a tour of our studio.

  • Beginners will start with an initial demonstration.
  • Intermediate students can start working on their projects right away.
  • The initial demonstration takes about 20 minutes.
  • After that, the teacher will meet with intermediate and advanced students individually to discuss their goals.
  • The class demonstrations will then be customized to meet the needs of the whole group.
  • You'll essentially receive personalized instruction in a group learning environment.

Can I Make Up a Missed Class?

  • Students can make up one (1) missed class per session.
  • Make it up by attending another class.
  • Choose a class from either the week before or after the missed session.
  • If available, a makeup class can be taken in the same week – you must check with instructor.
  • Important: The makeup class must be within the same session you originally signed up for.

Is Parking Available?

  • There is metered parking right outside our door on Carlaw Ave.

What Kind Of Clay Do You Use?

  • MUD The Clay Studio is a mid-range clay studio, firing at cone 5-6 oxidation,  with dipped glazes.  Current clay choices: white stoneware, buff speckled stoneware.

What do I bring to/prepare for my pottery class?

We recommend you bring:

  • an apron
  • a small hand towel
  • clothing you don't mind getting a little muddy!

How to prepare:

  • tie back long hair or bring a hair clip
  • trim long nails if possible
  • remove rings, bracelets, watch etc. before class

Note: All the necessary tools and equipment will be provided to you at the studio.

Can I bring unfinished pottery pieces from other classes to MUD to finish?

No, unfortunately we ask that you refrain from introducing outside clay to MUD to avoid any kiln or glaze issues.